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Kids Eye Checkup
Pediatric Eye Examination

Healthy eyes are important to a child's overall health and well-being, and are directly linked to academic performance. Vision screening alone that is normally performed at school is not good enough beyond identifying vision issues as far as overall eye health is concerned.A professional eye examination, performed by an experienced eye s[specialist , is an essential at least every year.


Depending on the child's age and reading ability, various diagnostic charts and tests are employed by the ophthalmologist. eg. Visual Acuity, Binocular Coordination, Color Blindness, Peripheral Awareness,Hand Eye Coordination, Focussing skills

Regular eye examinations are important in maintaining eye health. During a comprehensive eye examination,an Eye Doctor can detect underlying eye conditions and anomalies including any  eye diseases or other abnormalities that are not yet causing symptoms . Early intervention is crucial in preventing vision loss from a disease such as glaucoma, which may not cause symptoms until significant and irreversible damage has taken place. Early detection of eye problems gives a patient a choice of treatment options, and reduces the risk of permanent damage.

Benefits of Comprehensive Eye Examination

A comprehensive eye exam should be performed once every year. Children should have regular tests to ensure that their vision is normal so that their schoolwork does not suffer.s. During a comprehensive eye examination, simple refractive errors are detected, and serious eye problems or diseases, including the following, are diagnosed:


Amblyopia (lazy eye)



Diabetic retinopathy


Even in youth who are otherwise asymptomatic, a regular eye examination is essential. Serious medical conditions, such as high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure, can be detected, allowing patients to seek treatment early.

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